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Orwell Dev-C++
Mingw Dragon Gnu C++ für Windows


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Borland IDEs: FAQ

Turbo C++ Explorer, Turbo Delphi Explorer, Turbo Delphi for Net Explorer,
Turbo C# Explorer

Mingw Gnu C++ für Windows

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express

Visual C++ 2005 Express

deutsche Version Visual C++ 2005 Express


is an extension of DevC++  for GUI design based on the wxWindows library..
This program helps you to create Dialogs for wxWidgets visually.

Although the current beta would allow people to build a decent dialog based program, the next beta (due by next week or so) will allow people to use almost all the advanced features of wxWidgets (Like Frames etc).

To help BCB/Delphi migration, I have also created a small snippet for some commonly used function

Qt GUI Designer

Open Watcom

IDE with Compiler and many tools.

Lit Window Library Homepage

Ultimate++ (U++)


Console Application IDEs

Bloodshed Dev-C++

IDE with the MinGW GNU C++ Compiler for console applications.

Debugger aktivieren mit
Projekt Optionen|Compiler|Linker|Generiert Fehlersuchinformationen auf Yes setzen.


is a kind of universal tool platform - an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular.

Multi-Compiler IDE with UML integration.

Borland C++BuilderX

Only free for a 90 days trial?

Visual MinGW

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